caravanero [at]

First of all please read the following rules carefully:

  1. All actors have to be at least 18 years or older!
  2. Please send us movies/pictures with a moderate or high quality!
  3. Please send us only movies which have got a minimum duration of 1 minute!
  4. Please make sure that the movie/pictures doesn’t contain urls, tags or other crap.
  5. You’ve to be the owner of the movie/pictures and you must have the permission to publish it!

After you’ve read, understood and accepted this rules and your movie/pictures complies to it, please upload it to or and send me the movie download link per mail to caravanero [ @ ] gmail . com (of course you have to remove all blanks and [ ]). You can simply send me the movie/pictures as attachment, too!

I will examine your video and pictures before I’ll publish it. Please appreciate that I can’t answer to any of your mails!


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